A global provider of IP communications solutions

Cavoon is a global provider of IP (Internet Protocol) communications solutions for a range of organizations, from the very small single site offices to the multi-site large enterprises.

We offer our customers a broad choice of solutions, from basic business telephony to sophisticated tailor-made unified communication systems.

Thanks to its extensive network, Cavoon also offers you a high-quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) carrier service which allows you to reach every fixed and mobile phone in the world at discounts of up to 98% compared to traditional operators.

Our unique strength of being both a supplier of IP communication equipment and a worldwide VoIP carrier opens the door to innovative functionalities, such as a choice of phone numbers and caller IDs from 60 different countries at the touch of a button, regardless of where your office is located.

Cavoon's commitment to open standards simplifies the integration of our systems with your company's existing applications, such as CRM.

Our expertise in encryption technology gives our customers advanced security in their telecommunications.

Cavoon's core expertise is in IPBX development and network architecture. All terminals are provided by leading manufacturers such as Polycom®.

Cavoon is headquartered in Switzerland and operates worldwide through a network of partners.