VoIP vs. traditional telephony

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or IP telephony is a new phone technology set to replace the 100-year-old POST technology, otherwise known as Plain Old Telephone Service. A VoIP system transforms voice into digital “packets”, sends them over the same networks as internet data and is therefore more efficient and a lot cheaper. 


Today's VoIP business phone systems are under-utilized

Many companies in Europe have already installed office VoIP systems internally, but still use old ISDN technology to place outside calls because of quality and security concerns. In doing so, they sacrifice the main benefit of IP Telephony: Cost reduction.

The dramatic progress in today’s “information highways”, coupled with the latest encryption technologies, enables VoIP phone calls to be of a higher quality and level of security than traditional phone calls.


Business VoIP with Cavoon - complete system plus VoIP operator service

Cavoon offers businesses complete tailor-made solutions, including both a VoIP business telephone system and a VoIP operator service, which substantially reduces communication costs.

Cavoon’s own network is connected to large international carriers, such as Verizon Business, ensuring quality communications to any part of the world.

If you already have an office VoIP system you can simply connect it to Cavoon’s network and immediately benefit from high call quality and substantial savings.


Asterisk® and Cavoon’s dedication to open standards

Whatever solution you choose, whether hosted or on-site, your Cavoon VoIP system will mostly be constructed around open source applications such as Asterisk®. Asterisk® is the world's most powerful and popular telephony development toolkit. It is used the world over by small businesses, large businesses, call centers, carriers and governments.

The use of Asterisk® and open standards such as SIP ensures compatibility with most IP phones and gives you the possibility of selecting high-quality, reliable brand servers, such as those from Dell or HP, for your PBX.


Cavoon’s business VoIP phone systems

Cavoon’s customized solutions are tailored to fit the needs of organizations of any size, ranging from large multi-national enterprises to small offices and independents. We have grouped these VoIP system solutions into three different categories:

  • Small Business Phone Systems (1-10 extensions)
  • Medium Business Phone Systems (10-200 extensions) 
  • Enterprise Phone Systems (200+ extensions as well as multi-site systems).