Fiber OpticFiber Optics

Telephony through fiber?  Yes, we can!

Cavoon, in partnership with SIG, is offering high quality telephony and Internet to enterprises in the Geneva area.

  • Up to 100Mb/s symmetrical
  • Up to 90 telephone lines
  • SLA up to 99.9%

What is a Fiber-optic connection?

Optical fiber is made up of flexible, highly transparent strands of very pure glass or plastic, not much thicker than a human hair, which can transmit a light signal with low attenuation over long distances. Because of the nearly limitless bandwidth, optical fiber is the preferred medium for telecommunication and networking today.

Advantages of fibre vs copper (ADSL, VDSL or cable)

  • 100-times faster than copper
  • Dedicated line for each user; no congestion at peak hours
  • Guaranteed bandwith regardless of distance to a telephone exchange
  • Separate channels for Internet and Telephony
  • No interference from electromagnetic fields
  • Practically impossible to wiretap
  • Future-proof technology

Geneva and the SIG fiber project

SIG (Services Industrieles de Genève) has undertaken an ambitious project of connecting every home and office in Geneva to the fiber optics network. Approximately half of the Canton will already be connected by the end of 2012 and 80% by 2016.

SIG does not offer such services as Internet, telephone or TV to end consumers, and so relies on a handful of partners instead. Cavoon has been chosen as the partner to provide Internet and Telephony services to small and medium size enterprises. This way, you only need to talk to one company for advice, installation and service.

As many areas in the city center are already connected, you can benefit from all the advantages of fiber connection now!

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